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Hollow glass block market is better in the future

From the production process, hollow glass bricks are two glass pieces glued together by sintering, and then white glue is mixed with cement to close the gap. Different designs can be made according to the size, size, pattern and color of glass brick which performed. According to the change of size, glass walls with straight walls, curved walls and discontinuous walls can be designed at home. It is worth noting that in large-area brick walls or arc-shaped construction methods, copper bars need to be pulled to maintain the brick level, while in small-area brick wall construction, special fixing brackets need to be placed on each corner of the glass brick connection construction.

Hollow glass bricks have the advantages of light transmission, heat preservation, sound insulation, and moisture resistance. The places with poor light are most suitable for use. The construction of glass bricks is convenient, and the two walls are completed in one construction. The auxiliary material only needs cement mortar.

Glass bricks are used for the outer wall. If the curvature of the cylinder is large, 190×190 square bricks can be used for construction. This size ratio is very comfortable and the construction is reasonable. If the area of the outer wall is relatively large, 240×240 large bricks can be used, which is more macroscopic and strong overall. If it is a long cylindrical residential building, the bending arc is relatively small, and 240×115 long bricks can be used, which is easy to handle the curvature and is more harmonized with the appearance of the building.

The use of glass bricks on the inner wall not only improves the brightness of the living room, but also strengthens the temptation to change the space, increasing the functional characteristics of the wall. For example, the use of glass bricks in the bathroom not only solves the problem of moisture resistance, but also has a hazy and subtle beauty. The balcony is made of glass brick facade, so you can rest assured that it is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. As a new type of building material, glass bricks will be colorful in the market and become an important choice for home improvement materials.

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