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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of hollow glass blocks and stained glass

Glass is a kind of decorative glass used in home decoration at present. The stained glass pattern is rich and bright, and the proper use of stained glass in the living room can create a pleasing and harmonious atmosphere and add a romantic and charming modern atmosphere.

 The stained glass on the market is: the artwork and flat glass drawn by the colorful pattern output on the film or PP paper by modern digital technology are formed by industrial adhesive bonding, and they are bright and beautiful. Strengthen explosion-proof and other functions, and are widely used in home sliding doors (sliding doors), etc. It also has the effect of transparent, semi-transparent, and impervious. The patterns can be customized immediately, and the sizes, colors, and patterns can be freely matched, safe and more personal It is not easy to make it at the same time and it is produced quickly.

The advantages are simple operation and low price; the disadvantage is that it is easy to fade and the time is not long. Because the original glass is used without any external material spraying, the hollow glass brick wall without radiation is an absolutely green and environmentally friendly material;

  Jinghua glass brick wall is a low-penetration sound insulation body, which can be effectively used in complex streets or houses near factories to isolate noise interference; the design of Anhui Jinghua glass brick is that the interior is hollow, and the material used is high-grade glass Sand, quartz powder, soda ash and other non-harmful materials are a kind of green building materials. Hollow glass bricks are often used to make partition walls, which are used most in the bathroom. Its specifications, colors and styles are very rich and the design is flexible.

Jinghua glass brick is to glue two pieces of glass together by sintering, and then mix the gap with white glue and cement to make different design performance according to the size, size, pattern and color of the glass brick. According to the change of size, glass walls with straight walls, curved walls and discontinuous walls can be designed at home. It is worth noting that in large-area brick walls or arc-shaped construction methods, copper bars need to be pulled to maintain the brick level, while in small-area brick wall construction, special fixing brackets need to be placed on each corner of the glass brick connection construction.

The decorative effect of Jinghua glass brick is noble, elegant and magnificent. Mainly used in banks, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, airports, stations, landscapes, shadow walls, civil buildings, indoor partitions, stages, nursing homes, stations, airports, stadiums, playgrounds, apartments, private mail and other rooms that need to beautify Helou Pavilion is a new and popular decoration material in the international market.

At present, water cube national swimming pool, Shanghai World Expo United Nations Pavilion, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai Radio and TV University, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Dezhou Station, Beijing National Committee of the CPPCC Building, Tianjin Evening News Building, Shandong Satellite TV Building, Jinan Airport, Shenzhen Stadium Jinghua hollow glass bricks are used

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