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The advantages of Jinghua glass blocks and their different application ranges due to different specifications

Jinghua glass brick, abbreviated as glass block in English, is a non-load-bearing decorative material that has become popular in China in recent years.

Hollow glass bricks are made by welding two half blanks at high temperature. The advantages of glass bricks are that they are flexible. Hefei Jinghua glass bricks have many uses. The combination of different specifications of glass bricks can show different spatial aesthetics. For example, the use of glass bricks in the bathroom not only solves the problem of moisture resistance, but also has a hazy subtle beauty. The use of glass bricks for partitions will create a continuous and beautiful space. The balcony is made of glass brick facade, so you can rest assured that it is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Solid glass bricks are formed by bonding two round concave glass bodies. At present, domestic manufacturers of such solid glass bricks are small workshop manufacturers. Due to the relatively high quality of such bricks, they can only be pasted on the wall. It can be used only when it is attached to other reinforced frame structures, and can only be used as an interior decorative wall, so the amount is relatively small.

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