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Jinghua hollow glass block installation and production process

At present, the most commonly used on the market is mainly Jinghua hollow glass bricks, because this product can be formed into a wall independently, without relying on the front to complete the decoration, and basically the glass hollow bricks can be seen in various building locations.

Jinghua hollow glass bricks need to scrape off excess mortar to outline the gap between bricks. Jointing materials are: pure white cement, water and construction glue. Then, wipe off the mortar and dirt on the glass surface in time and clean it. Finally, brush the gap with waterproof material.

The effect of hollow glass brick applied to the ceiling and floor: using Jinghua hollow glass brick to treat the ground and ceiling can not only create a crystal clear feeling for the entire floor, but also provide good light, and the luxurious and beautiful wind is unobstructed. Hollow glass bricks are used in exterior doors to bring natural light and outdoor scenery into the interior. The bricks have high strength and durability, can withstand the wind, and can guarantee safety without additional maintenance structures.

Jinghua hollow glass brick has high strength and good durability, can withstand the attack of wind, and can ensure safety without additional maintenance structure.

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