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Jinghua Glass Engineering Safety Measures

一、Operators should wear gloves when carrying the glass, or use cloth and paper to cushion the glass from the bare part of the human body to prevent them from being The glass is scratched.

二、Be careful when cutting glass, and carry it out in the designated place. The corner material should be piled up and handled in a timely manner. Tossing around to prevent puncturing others.

三、When installing the glass, the tools used by the operator should be placed in the tool bag and taken with the safety, and it is strictly prohibited to contain iron nails in the In the mouth.

四、All installed glass should be flat and firm without any looseness, and the wind hook should be hung immediately after installation Or insert the latch to prevent the wind blowing the sash from breaking the glass and falling and hurting people.

五、When installing glass in skylights and high-rise buildings, pedestrians are strictly prohibited to pass under and near the construction site to prevent the glass or tools from falling Hurt someone.

六、When installing the sash glass, it should be carried out in order, and it is not allowed to work in two layers at the same time in the vertical direction to avoid glass Broken and injured. The installation of large-screen glass should be carried out by installing a hanger type pick frame from top to bottom.

七、After installation, the remaining glass should be cleaned and stacked in a timely manner, and should be disposed of as soon as possible to avoid damage from broken glass people.

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