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The traditional construction method of glass block (grouting construction method)

一、 Traditional construction method: (bracket grouting construction method)

(1) Construction preparation

1)Determine the engineering quantity and plan. A According to the area and shape of the glass brick wall to be built, calculate the specifications, number and arrangement order of the glass bricks. B. Calculate and verify the width of the seam, at the same time calculate the specifications and quantity of the bracket, and at the same time, the amount of auxiliary materials such as cement mortar can be obtained.

2)Prepare materials. Ordinary label cement (425#), construction sand (fine sand and fine), φ6mm steel bar (spare), construction glue (801 glue, which has been basically abandoned and not recommended), caulking agent (seaming agent, white) Cement is also available), cross plastic brackets (L-shaped and T-shaped brackets are cut from the cross-shaped brackets, spare).

3)Prepare tools. The tools required in general construction are: trowel, scraper rake, spirit level, code line, rubber hammer, triangle frame ruler, mortar bucket, ash rake, welding machine and steel bar cutting tool.

4)Ready to work. Grassroots leveling. The actual opening is leveled with mortar according to the theoretical opening size, and the horizontality and verticality error between 2 meters is required to be less than or equal to ±3.0mm. If the glass brick is built in a wooden or metal frame, the frame should be made first.

(2) Construction implementation.

1)With slurry. According to the ratio of cement: fine sand: water = 10:10 (outdoor 20:10): 3 water, adjust the cement mortar to have a certain consistency, so as not to flow For the cement here, we recommend using black cement. If the quantity is not large or it is inconvenient to use white cement, it is fine.

2)frame. When laying glass bricks in a metal frame (or wooden frame), first set a plastic film or other anti-corrosion measures inside the metal frame (or wooden frame).

3)Masonry. Similar to the construction of ordinary red bricks and hollow bricks, hang the glass bricks and lay the bricks from the bottom to the top according to the way of the joint between the upper and lower layers.

4)support. In order to ensure the flatness of the glass brick wall and the placement of the masonry, positioning brackets can be placed before each layer of glass brick masonry. Use a cross-shaped bracket for the site.

5)Reinforcement. When building a large glass brick wall, in order to ensure the lateral rigidity, steel bars are embedded inside every two leather brick joints (consult the designer for specific reinforcement). The steel bars are welded to the surrounding frames or walls. The transverse reinforcement is fastened or welded. Around the glass brick wall (including the two sides of the wall, the ceiling, the foot epithelium, etc.), two φ6mm reinforcing bars can also be added, and the two ends of the steel bar are firmly connected to the wall by drilling.

6)an examination. The glass brick wall is finished, and the inspection, correction and correction work are carried out.

7)Crooked. Twist the board exposed to the external bracket of the wall. Scrape off the excess mortar and outline the gap between the bricks. Use white cement or white (color) caulk to sew. Hook the flat seam first and then the vertical seam. The seam must be smooth and the depth is the same.

8)Waterproof. If waterproof requirements are required, waterproof glue can be applied inside the joint to ensure waterproof function.

9)Clean. After the joint is finished, wipe the brick surface and brick joint with cloth or cotton silk.

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